Friday, February 4, 2011

Enid Blyton Mystery stories by Cute Kitten

Enid Blyton is a great author and I have a whole shelf full of her books. She wrote loads of books! My favorite books are the mystery books like The Mystery of the burnt cottage" "The Mystery of the disappearing cat", "the Mystery of the Secret room" which I haven't read yet. They are VERY funny and each one has a mystery that they solve.
There are seven main characters each not called by their real name. The seven main characters are.... Fredrick Algernon Trotteville, He is known as Fatty, Phillip is known as Pip, his sister Elizabeth known as Bets, Laurence known as Larry, Margaret known as Daisy, Mr Goon the Policeman known as Clear off to the children and last but not least is Buster the little Scottie dog who is just known as Buster.

Blogger Kate likes them too.