Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woof! Lunch! Woof!

Woof! Here is my lunch booth! Woof! Just order what you want, and Kate will use her computer program to attempt to make it! Woof!

Have fun Ordering! Woof!

Back to school Bash! Period 1 and 2!

Woof! My Class list! Woof!

Susie  and Sidebite

Frankie Furter

Madi the Diva.

Molly The Wally.

Woof! In todays Class, we will be learning about resting and Sleeping. Sounds Simple. It is Not.

Any way, Have You got your supplies?

Good. Here is our Back Packs:


Woof! They look great!

So here is Kepsey:

Hello. Here is me.

If you work really hard at servants, you can get them to cover you with blankets:

Leave you alone:

 Bring you  clawing  Puppy bag to you:

And feed you.