Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woof! I turned one year on Tuesday! Woof!

Woof! I turned one year old last Tuesday!  I didn't celebrate it on Tuesday, because my family was away getting logs!  Woof! Outrage! I am now celebrating it now.I went with them one, and it is a long drive, and is really far away from my house! I went with them once. It was boring! Never go on a 2 hour truck ride! I always feel sick when I ride in a truck. Anyway, here are the pictures! Sorry about the fact that most of them were transferred into cartoons. Kate couldn't help herself! They are kind of funny though. *Disclaimer*Kate made up the cartoons..  Woof!:   
 First is a picture of my Predecessor:

Next is a picture of me as a little baby:                    

Now, Here are the rest of the photos!

Finally a picture of Razzy.

Here is my best blogging furry friend:

Once I wrote an article for the blogville Chronicle! Here it is:  Click here to go to it