Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Woof! I am Echo! Woof! Kate helped me make this award! Woof!

Kate here. Echo wanted someway to say good things about other blogs. So I helped him make an award! 

Mew. I am Razzy. I am trying to do more blogging! So I helped make this award. 

The Wonderful Blogger Award!
1. Please say who gave it to you and put a link to there blog.
2. Please pass the award on to at least five people.
3. You can pass the award to anybody who has a blog. If the blog is shared, you can specify who you give the award to, or award it to everybody on that blog! You can pass the award to the person who gave it to you as well.Woof!
4. Please share 15or less  things about yourself.

Woof! That is it in the Rules department! Woof! 

Woof! Now 5 things about me,5things about Razzy and 5 things about Kate!

1: Woof! I am half real collie and half Border collie!
2: Woof! I once attacked a porcupine! Yelp! Woof!
3: Woof! My real name is Eklutna, though everybody calls me Echo!
4: My birthday is on the 14th of August, so I was born in 2011, August the 14! Woof!
5: My awesome Girl-friend is called Zoey, And She is a Wolfhound!
6: My facts. My real name in Erasmus. My family like naming the cats after famous people. (Darwin,  Sagan, Charon, Kepler(Kepsey), ect  )
7:  I often sit on the humans puzzles or sewing to make sure they are paying attention with me.
8:  Darwin is my sister, Charon is my uncle, Sagan was my Grandmother and Kepsey is my great uncle.
9:  I have only done two full posts.
10: Val's blog is named after me! 
11: I host the AK question sometimes.
12: By Best friend since Kindergarten also blogs!
13: I skijour with Echo, and soon I will be skijour my aunt's dogs, Tess and Kate.
14: I love to read. Reading is the best thing to do in the world.
15: I am the secretary of Echo most of the time.

Woof! That is it! Now, on to the people we are awarding this award to:

Sir Andy  

Woof! I think that is all! Woof!

Echo,Razzy and Kate.
(Let us know if you need us to email it to you. We won't publish any comment with an email in itif you request that we don't.)