Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woof! Lunch! Woof!

Woof! Here is my lunch booth! Woof! Just order what you want, and Kate will use her computer program to attempt to make it! Woof!

Have fun Ordering! Woof!

Back to school Bash! Period 1 and 2!

Woof! My Class list! Woof!

Susie  and Sidebite

Frankie Furter

Madi the Diva.

Molly The Wally.

Woof! In todays Class, we will be learning about resting and Sleeping. Sounds Simple. It is Not.

Any way, Have You got your supplies?

Good. Here is our Back Packs:


Woof! They look great!

So here is Kepsey:

Hello. Here is me.

If you work really hard at servants, you can get them to cover you with blankets:

Leave you alone:

 Bring you  clawing  Puppy bag to you:

And feed you.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wooth! Lunch Booth!

Woof Here is My Lunch booth! Kate thinks it isn't very good, but I like it! Woof!We are excepting special orders, but Kate's computer program isn't the best, but she thinks it will cope! Woof!

Don't Forget to regester for Comfy Places to rest And Sleep!

Woof! Kate just added in the money for show!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back To School Bash !

Woof! I am doing Comfy Places to Rest or Sleep! It Will be Fun! Madi is doing napping 101, so on the day of the back to school bash, visit her blog to do some more research! To register, all you need to do is comment! Kat moderates the comments after getting a advertising scam once, so she will know if you comment! Woof! Introducing, the teachers!

Head Teacher:
Mr. Echo

Assistant teachers:
Mr. Charon
Ms. Darwin 

Ms. Kate

And A special Guest:


Now, The Schedule! 

Period   Teacher      Class
1            Mr Echo     Homeroom
2            Mr Kepsey  Servants                                        
3            Mr Echo      Fuss
4            Mr Echo      Do not Disturb!
5            Mr Echo      Human places which aren't the sofa!
6            Mr Echo     Good Bye!  

Woof!  Supplies are,

Your Human.
A camera
A milk Bone, kitty treat or something like that 
A pack lunch.
(availible @ my booth)

and A Back pack
(availible @ Sarges Booth)

Woof! I hope to see you here! Woof!