Pet Profiles!

I decided I would make some pet profiles of our pets.

Razzy looking annoyed. Or he is in a state of bliss. Not sure
Razzy: introduction:Hi. My name is Erasmus. Everyone calls me Razzy.I do some blogging and was accepted as a Kool Senior Kitty Klub member by SASS 
What is your favourite food?  Salmon

What is your favourite blog? Madi's
What annoys you?  Echo,Being squashed
Best memory? Playing with yarn
Nicknames: Razzy,  Razzy-dazzy,Cutie pie.


Echo and me! I think CK is doing something
Echo: introduction:Woof! I am a naughty GOOD!!puppy YAP!   Eklutna (My real name)                
What is your favourite food?  cat food or Jerky Treats
What is your favourite blog?  Pip's
What annoys you? Kepsey,not getting what I want, Ice in my paws,growly huskys,getting caught when I am steeling things being framed for something I did not do.
Best memory? Stealing 3/4 of a grilled salmon or stealing a slice of pizza.
Nicknames: Echo,puppy-wuppy , Skijour-pup,
Dumb#$%#$ dog(always said in a friendly tone though),Super-pup

Kepsey saying Get of!
Kepsey: introduction:Get Lost Echo.                    
What is your favourite food?Salmon
What is your favourite blog?  we three ginger cats tales  

What annoys you? Echo
Best memory?Socking Echo on the nose. with claws extended.

Charon: introduction: I am Charon. I am shy. Do I have to do this?
What is your favourite food? Stolen Milk.

in order Razzy, Kepsey,Sagan,Darwin,Charon

What is your favourite blog? Kawaii Woobie

What annoys you? Echo 
Best memory? Playing with yarn

Darwin:introduction: I am a cat who show the dog who is boss!

What is your favourite food?  Salmon

What is your favourite blog? Sugar the Golden retriever's
What annoys you?  Echo
Best memory?Socking Echo. Resisting temptation to sock Echo.

 Thanks For looking at this! BK


  1. I love that photo when they are all together, they're so cute, all bundled up together. ~^.^~

  2. You can tell that was taken in 2004 or 2005 because of the book in the background, they curl up on the beds like that now. BK


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