Friday, March 16, 2012

My scarf and new glasses.

First I would like to dedicate this post to some of my friends, Madi & Mom who always make me smile,  , My Aunt H, My sister Cute Kitten, My BF who just started blogging, Mr. Pip who is really nice, and the reason  I can crochet is,  Heidi who taught me how.

Here is a picture of my glasses

My scarf ( It has grown a bit longer)
Me and Echo have just come back from a nice long skijour

Sugar cookies taste great!

Bye! ♥♥ Blogger Kate ♥♥


  1. Echo must have loved that, and you crocheted that? I can't really crochet that good, they are always way to tight. ~^.^~

  2. Echo does love to skijour! I am still not very good at crocheting yet. BK

  3. Hi Kate and oh my goodness what a nice young lady you are to give us a shout out!! Mom is very very proud of your scarf...she says to tell you WELL DONE and keep up the good word. Mom has been trying to crochet socks and was doing pretty good until she got to the heel flap!! MOL She says there are only 3 rows why can I not do this? She intends to finish at least one just so she can say she did it. I don't crochet but I do love to play with yarn. \

    We really enjoyed your snow pictures and girlfriend I'm just plain hungry after seeing your sugar cookies.
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  4. Good Luck Mom! My puppy loves to chase the wool and run of with it. It is just a plain cookie recipe with cream cheese instead of butter and then we roll into balls and roll the balls in sugar. Then we put them on to the tray and squash them. BK

  5. Thank you for the B-Day wishes!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy


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