Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hi!Echo hear! My owner has been making weird noises (she says it's music) on a long stick. Here are photos...                                      

She looks at this a lot
She takes this case-thing out a lot too
She takes this out of the case-thing

   Any explanation welcome.(Please?)


  1. Kate my mom is older than dirt but she remembers learning to play the recorder in about 5th grade....have fun with it...maybe you'll play flute next.
    Hugs madi

    1. Hi! It's Ck who's learning the "recorder" as you call it-Echo(By the way did you know that CK sometimes drops things, I learned that galic bread is tasty! Off to find more...)
      Note form CK"I'm is 4rth grade, my class was meant to learn is 5th, but we did it early! -CK&Echo


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