Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crocheting & Reading

Joining Ginny again this week THANKS GINNY!!!!!!!!!!

Working on crocheted bag.

I'm reading The Poison Frog Mystery, By Gertrude Chandler Warner.Update that is only what I have been reading.Finished now!

Charron. Male cat who is very shy and timid and fights with Kepsey.

The Cute Kitten is reading Enid Blyton's Third Bedtime book.

and would like to introduce... Tawnypelt and her kit Dawnpelt

and Bubble and her puppy Squeak

Posted by Blogger Kate & the Cute Kitten


  1. Great books, wish you had a pic of your crocheted bag up, if it's the one from Lucy at Attic24, I've made one myself and love it :)

  2. Actually it is a made up pattern . I might try that one though.

  3. I love reading and knitting, but I'm not very good at crocheting. Its great to have some more book recommendations. You might know me as AJ on my Mum's blog (timetocraft). I've just set up my own blog (www.bluebellandme.co.uk)

    Happy reading! Bella.


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