Friday, March 30, 2012


I finished the scarf!



  1. YAY for you Kate and what a beautiful work of art you created with your very own paws!! Gosh if I had thumbs I think I'd enjoy crocheting too.
    Well done and hugs from your BFFFF,
    Madi and nose taps to Echo

  2. Bonsoir ma petite Cherie ... The scarf is absolutely stunning .....I love it , just love it

    PS see you soon xxxxxxxxx

  3. Madi, you would! But you would probably enjoy playing with the wool more!

    Aunty H See you soon! BK

  4. Hi Kate...bad Mom forgot my picture...MOL but in her defense she was having a time loading pictures earlier this week and meant to come back to add one for today. She just added one.
    Happy Easter to you all,
    Hugs Madi

  5. Kate
    Mom and I thank you very much for the kind get well wishes from your entire family for my Grandpa Peep. He is doing much better today.
    Hugs and FYI we have missed you. Hope you haven't been sick.
    Madi and Mom

  6. I have had a slight cold. I will be gone on May 1 to visit England. Hope your Grandpa peep gets better!.BK

  7. Kate take care and feel better soon. Thank you for the kind wishes for my Dad and Grandpa peep!

    HAVE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL TRIP TO ENGLAND. What a pretty time of year to visit. Mom was in England many years ago during the last of April and early May. She actually attended Easter Service in Westminster.
    Hugs and safe travels. We look forward to hearing all about your trip
    Madi and Mom

  8. HI Kate
    Boy we missed you and are glad to hear you had a good safe trip! Mom and I have been just fine
    And of course I have been up to mischief as usual. I actually was pretty bad last Saturday. Mom left a tightly wrapped apple pie on the counter. I knocked it to the floor, it landed upside down and not a crumb spilled out...dag gone it!MOL
    Madi and mom

  9. MOL Kate
    Since I never go outside I considered Corrina, Jonathan and Bradley as friends....but now that I think about it they would probably make a tasty least in my dreams.
    Happy Weekend,
    Your BFFF,


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